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Does Oman Have A Specific Digital Nomad Visa Program?

Oman, otherwise officially known as the Sultanate of Oman, is within the southeastern portion of the Arabian Peninsula. The country is surrounded by two sea bodies including the Arabian Sea in the southeast and the Sea of Oman in the northeastern portion. A larger body of water, the Indian Ocean, is also near Oman in the southeastern area like the Arabian Sea.

Americans, Canadians, and other digital nomads from various countries can easily assimilate as digital nomads since English is a widely used language besides the official language, Arabic. While there is no digital nomad visa program in Oman, you can opt to apply for an employment visa. If you are a digital nomad, you will have to apply for various eVisas depending on where you are going, such as an eVisa Ethiopia.

How To Apply for An Employment Visa in Oman

Applying for an employment visa in Oman takes six steps with an overall turnaround time of up to 9 weeks long depending on individual processing time. The first step is the initiation process where you have to contact Fakhoury Global Immigration and send in the appropriate documents to start applying for the employment visa. This initial step only takes about 24-72 hours. The second step involves filling out the labor permit application and waiting for that to be approved within 3 to 4 weeks.

For step 3, you must fill out the employment visa application and provide the mandated documents. Take everything to the closest Royal Oman Police location for full processing within 1 week to a month. The fourth step involves entering Oman where you can begin your digital nomad endeavors once this happens.

For step 5, you need to have a health exam at one of the entity’s supported clinics. You will need a chest X-ray, blood tests to be sure you don’t have any bad diseases, as well as pee and poop samples for a full health profile. The final step is applying for and receiving a residential ID card from the Directorates General of Civil Status.

The Benefits of Being A Digital Nomad In Oman

Your day can be filled with exploring what Oman has to offer in between getting your work done on your laptop. You can have breakfast at Tr.Eat Cafe and get your work done with nearby free Wi-Fi. Then, you can take a break and explore the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in the afternoon before grabbing dinner at Theatrum Restaurant.

Plan your itinerary in Oman around your work schedule so that you can still have fun where you are temporarily living while getting your work done. Locating yourself in Muscat would be your best bet as it is the most popular part of Oman with the most free Wi-Fi spots so you can have a variety of places to work.

Work can get boring if you are working in the same place every day. Instead of purchasing expensive home Internet, you can plan your day to be located near free Wi-Fi spots to get your work done. No Internet access at home can help you to stay connected to yourself with non-tech activities like reading a book or embarking on a hobby before you go back to being a digital nomad exploring Oman the next day.

Where Can I Get Free Wi-Fi in Oman?

According to WiFi Map, the top 5 places with free Wi-Fi in Oman are Muscat, Seeb, Salalah, Sohar, and Matrah. Muscat is the most popular region of Oman with free Wi-Fi spots, featuring 2,883 locations to connect with your laptop to complete your workload.

When you first enter Muscat or another popular region in Oman with Wi-Fi spots, you can download WiFi Map to your smartphone so you are informed of all the nearby spots where you can get connected.

Local hotels, cafes, restaurants, and other businesses could have free Wi-Fi for their patrons. Maybe you want to explore a part of Oman that you have not seen yet. Book a few days at a local hotel and you can utilize the free Wi-Fi there. Whenever you stop at a cafe or restaurant for a meal, you can get some work done after eating before you go to your next destination.

Become A Digital Nomad in Oman Today!

Oman has so much to offer such as opera houses, mosques, delightful eateries, and forts like the Jibreen Castle. Wadi Bani Khalid is a desert retreat with a mountainous landscape and clear green waters for swimming.

When you have to stay connected to work, you can stop by one of the most popular Wi-Fi spots in Muscat. When you want to explore Oman’s attractions and eateries, you can put away your work and enjoy life. Being a digital nomad in Oman can change your life so start the employment visa process today!

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