Sampling the Italian Finery


Everyone has their reason for travelling to Italy. For some it might be the ancient historical sites, such as the Coliseum or Pompeii; others might delight in the one of a kind culture that ranges greatly from the northern mountainous areas to the Mediterranean kissed southern points. Still others might be heading to Italy for their food, made popular the world over but can only be authentic in the homeland.

uva x amaroneWithin this latter group are undoubtably those that enjoy tasting another of the region’s most famous consumables – the wine. Those who appreciate the flow of a good vintage or sampling a drop of amarone will be well advised to seek out wine country when they are in the area, particularly if they come from a place without a wine region of their own.

Everyone has their favourite type, whether it’s the hearty reds or the light whites and finding the perfect wine to compliment the local cuisine can be a career in itself. Depending on the part of Italy you are in, you might find yourself sipping certain types of wine over others either due to the dish being served or the type of grapes native to the area. For example, in the five town district on the Ligurian Coast known as the Cinque Terre, the local wine is exclusively white. This means if you are a staunch drinker of reds but want to enjoy the local fare alongside the freshly caught seafood dishes you may want to bend your tastes a little!

If you’re having a hard time deciding which part of Italy to indulge your vino amore in, worry not, you really cannot go wrong with whatever region you choose on any vacation. Some prefer the windswept coasts for their scenery as an accent for the wine; other travellers want to tour around from winery to winery as the entire basis for their holiday and there are those who nestle themselves exclusively in a place like Tuscany and just lose themselves in the traditional feel that so many have fallen in love with over the centuries.


In the end, if you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience, nothing is finer than taking a vineyard tour and sampling the nectar of the gods. Can’t see all the ones you want? Don’t worry – you can always come back.

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