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Geeky Traveller has taken appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized disclosures of personal information collected by this website. However, the owners are not liable for the loss of information that occurs through unauthorized access to this website.

Users have the right to disable cookies or delete cookies after one has been created for this website in order to protect their privacy.


This website is provided in an “as is” condition. All content, products, services and information on this website are provided without warranty of any kind. Users of this website by using the site agree that they do so at their sole risk. Geeky Traveller does not providing a warranty of any kind. They are not liable for any damage or injury that may happen due to information provided, the unavailability of the website, errors or omissions in the information it contains, failures of the website to operate correctly, malicious code placed on the website or harm resulting from unauthorized third party access to this website. Users agree to hold harmless the owners, employees and agents of this website from claims.

Lastly, Geeky Traveller may provide links to third party websites. We are not liable for the content or information over these resources. Geeky Traveller is not responsible or liable for damage or loss suffered by any users, nor are they liable for the availability or content of third party sites, since it is not under their control. Website users accessing third party websites do so at their sole risk.

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