The Worst Parts About Summer for Travel


The best time of the year for travel is not without its flaws, and there’s nothing you can really do about them if summer is your only time available for travelling. This lends itself to the notion that there really is no such thing as perfection and you should just enjoy what you have – but of course, we’re greedy so we know that’s not going to happen.

If you’re planning on taking a vacation this summer, good for you – but know that it isn’t all sunshine and good times. There are a number of headaches associated with going away this time of year and here are just a few of them:

The Humidity

This isn’t the case in every destination you visit but a good number of them get ridiculously hot and damp – not a great combination. This ‘wet’ heat can make breathing quite difficult and air conditioning in your accommodation a must, at least if you want to sleep through the night. Nobody likes feeling sticky, especially when you’re walking around and trying to enjoy being outside without stripping buck naked and jumping into ice water.

resized_Venice- San Marco Crowd (Small)Everything is Busy

If you are trying to travel during the summer be forewarned – everyone else is as well. With students being done school and many parents taking vacation time to make use of the nice weather and not having to pull their kids out of school, everyone rushes for those quintessential summer destinations (like Venice here), which means the lines will be horrendous. Try your best to be patient if you’re one of these poor schmucks who has to endure this and try not to hurt everyone.

Jam Packed Schedule

Trying to fit travel into the summer can be extremely difficult when you look at your schedule and see the number of other things you want to accomplish as well. Maybe there are errands around the house that need finishing? Those family reunions that you’ll get a huge guilt trip over if you skip? In just the same way that Christmas is packed full of obligations and parties, summer can feel like every second is accounted for and there’s no way you can possibly get away.

It’s too Short

Without a doubt the biggest complaint about the summer season is how it’s not long enough. Regardless of how long the nice weather lasts, nobody wants it to end – which is why so many people relocated to warm weather locations at multiple points in the year. Whatever plans you have, not everything will be accomplished and even if they are, it will just feel too rushed. Maybe that’s why peak season exists – everyone is trying to cram it in while they still can.

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