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Manali to Leh: A Road Trip You’ll Never Forget


Imagine this: winding roads carved into the mighty Himalayas surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush valleys. The sound of a peaceful river flowing and the view of ancient monasteries high in the hills. That’s a road trip from Manali to Leh for you, a journey that at every turn opens up a wonderful landscape that will remain engraved in your memory forever.

The road trip from Manali to Leh is an unforgettable journey that takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. This article will provide detailed instructions for planning and completing this epic adventure. So, buckle up and get ready for the road trip of a lifetime!

Planning your trip

There are a few important things to consider while planning a road trip from Manali to Leh. Let’s dive in and start preparing for your epic adventure!

Best time to go

The best time to start this trip is from June to September. They ask why? Well, this happens when the highway known as “Manali-Leh Highway” is open and the weather is best. The winter months present significant challenges due to heavy snowfall and road closures—safer than cold!

How long do you have to go

Normally, this trip will have you traveling for 2 full days, if you think to take a break to soak in the sheer beauty. However, if you really want to experience the magic of the route and destinations, we suggest you allow at least 7-10 days for your trip. This will give you enough time to acclimate to the high altitudes, explore the towns along the way and deal with unexpected changes in itinerary

What needs to be arranged

What you pack can directly affect your comfort and safety when you travel. Here are our quick bags:

  • Warm, layered clothing: Temperatures can drop a bit, especially at night.
  • Medicine: Don’t forget top-of-the-line healing potions, as you’ll be traveling high above sea level.
  • Snacks and water: Stay energized and hydrated.
  • Maps and Guidebooks: While a digital GPS is great, labeled maps work even when there is no signal!

Vehicle and fuel considerations

The vehicle you choose for this trip should be sturdy, well maintained and suitable for mountain vehicles. A four-wheel-drive SUV is usually the best option. As for fuel, while there are gas stations along the way, it’s pretty spread out. Whenever possible fill up your tank and consider carrying an extra can of fuel as an emergency backup.

Get the necessary permits

Remember also that the road from Manali to Leh crosses many high altitude roads, which requires clearance from the Government of India. You can apply for these online or in person at the District Office in Manali. Make sure you have all the necessary documents for a smooth and hassle-free trip.

Remember, a well-planned trip can save you time, stress, and money. So download those maps, start creating a list, and get ready for a journey to get the books!

Highlights of the road trip

Get ready, intrepid travellers! Now we are going to explore some highlights of our Manali to Leh road trip. Each of these stops offers a unique experience that brings you a little closer to the natural wonder of the Himalayas.

The Rohtang Road

Keep those windows down and let that cool mountain air fill the car—welcome to Rohtang Pass! At an altitude of 3,978 meters above sea level, this highway offers breathtaking views of mist-capped mountains and hills in the distance. It is usually covered in thick snow, making it the perfect place for some impromptu snowball fights! But remember that the trail is only open from June to October due to heavy snowfall in the winter. So, plan accordingly!

Written by Tandi

Next stop, Tandy! This little-known village is a hidden gem that falls along the way. What specifically would you ask about Tandy? It is the last refueling point before hitting Leh, so make sure you fill up your tank here. But that’s not all. Peacefully nestled in the Chandra and Bhaga rivers, Tandy also offers a peaceful retreat away from the rush—the best place to stretch those legs and catch some beautiful moments

Written by Keylong

Last but certainly not least is Keylang, a lush oasis between pristine mountains. Here you can give your hard-working car a rest and get ready for the journey ahead. Explore Buddhist monasteries, stroll through sprawling apple orchards, or just enjoy the tranquility—it’s the perfect place for a much-needed den

GISPA is the source

Zispa is a small village that makes you feel like you are stepping on a postcard. There is always the Bhaga river flowing gently through the valley, tall willow and poplar trees lining its banks, and a stunning peak backdrop – this piece of paradise is the perfect place to camp at night and take in some peace and quiet And for the next section, create a new one.

The passing of Barala

Our next port of call was the legendary Baralacha La Pass. Sitting at a whopping altitude of 4,890 meters, it is known for its unique natural terrain—three mountain ranges (Pir Panjal, Great Himalayan, and Zanskar) combine to form a pleasant landscape Here you get snow almost throughout the year , so if you ever get a wanted to make snow in the winter Now this is the place to be!

Written by Sarachuh

Finally, we reach Sarachu, our main stop on the Manali-Leh highway. Halfway between Manali and Leh, tented accommodation in Sarchu offers a unique experience of “living in the wild.” Relax under the starry beach night sky, and gather around the campfire don’t make unforgettable stories- Sarachu is all about memories- we do

Written by Pangong Tso

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the rainbow Pangong Tso. Stretching for 130 kilometres, the lake changes colors along the path of the sun, offering breathtaking views. From cobalt blues during the day to lush oranges at sunset, this place is a photographer’s paradise. Remember to pack a picnic and a good book—you’ll want to spend some time in peace!

The Chang La Pass

Then, get ready for the world’s third highest drive-through—Chang La. At an impressive altitude of 5,360 metres, you will have snow all year round but the breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains and valleys make the bone-chilling cold worthwhile . Don’t forget to enjoy a cup of hot tea from the military canteen here—it’s a tradition!


Finally, after much anticipation, we reach the end of your journey, Leh. With its beautiful scenery, rich culture and friendly locals, it’s the perfect place to relax and reflect on your amazing journey. Take a stroll through the historic Leh Palace, find peace at the Shanti Stupa, and try some authentic Ladakhi cuisine—you got it!

Remember to dress nicely, charge your camera, and take those snacks for the trip. Each of these stations is a treasure waiting for you to explore. Here’s to your Manali to Leh road trip, a trip you will remember for the rest of your life!

New adventures: Other attractions and activities

The road trip from Manali to Leh is not only the journey but there are wonderful attractions and activities to indulge in. Don’t hesitate to adventure ! Go ahead and make every moment count!

Visits to Buddhist monasteries and temples

We begin this by looking at the spiritual side of these Himalayan regions. There are many beautiful Buddhist monasteries and temples along the way that showcase rich cultural heritage. Key Monastery, Thixey Monastery and Hemis Monastery are a few examples. Spend some time in these peaceful sanctuaries, engage in prayer, or simply meditate in peace – the perfect way to calm your soul.

Walking in the Himalayas

Feeling a little curious? Embark on a trek through the Himalayas! Explore nature at close quarters by hiking the scenic trails of Spiti Valley or Markha Valley. Don’t worry about level, because there are hikes suitable for beginners, intermediates and experts. Remember to bring water, snacks and first aid kits. And hey, don’t rush—take your time to enjoy your beautiful views and have fun exploring on foot.

Camping under the stars

What’s better than winding down your day nestled in a cozy tent, under a rope blanket in the clear light of the Himalayas? Both Jispa and Sarchu campsites can be found on the Manali-Leh highway. Gather around the fire, share stories and make lifelong memories – it’s a magical experience you’ll love Don’t forget your warm clothes, though—the nights can get pretty chilly!

Rafting on the Indus River

Feel your adrenaline pumping as you navigate the winding rapids of the Indus River! Choose a whitewater rafting experience to add a little excitement to your trip. Beginners can participate in short rafting sessions lasting about an hour, while experienced rafters can opt for half-day or full-day trips. Grab a life jacket, paddle, and embrace the thrill of jumping through the river’s icy waters.

View of the Nubra Valley and the Hunder desert

Afterwards, explore the otherworldly beauty of the Nubra Valley. The breathtaking landscape—where a green oasis meets majestic mountains and pure sand—is a sight to behold. Head to Handar village for a barefoot walk on the cool desert sand. Don’t want to go without a story? Ride a Bactrian camel through the hills for unforgettable memories.

Souvenir shopping in Leh

No adventure is complete without a souvenir! The bustling markets of Leh invite you to indulge in an unforgettable shopping experience. Find beautiful crafts, or treat your loved ones to some Tibetan-inspired trinkets. Here’s what you can buy:

  • And steal the shawl with her pashmina
  • handmade leather socks and gloves
  • Ladakhi traditional jewellery
  • Tibetan prayer flags
  • authentic apricot oil

Remember to take your time when shopping, and don’t hesitate to make a deal—it’s part of the marketplace experience.

Embrace these other adventures and indulge in the spirit of a road trip from Manali to Leh. With a little planning and passion, you’ll find a treasure trove of experiences to cherish for a lifetime. Happy review, fellow travelers!

Tips for a safe and enjoyable trip

There are few things in life that can compete with an exciting road trip from Manali to Leh. With stunning landscapes and endless skylines of wonder, every moment along this route holds the promise of adventure. While this journey can be a dream come true for the intrepid traveler, it is important to do so moderately and with safety in mind. Allow us to share some practical tips to help make your road trip safe and memorable.

Adjustments to elevations

When you start this trek, mountain sickness is a real concern because of the high altitude. But not to worry—we’ve got some tips for making a successful transition.

  • Start slow: Spend two days in Manali and start your journey slowly. This initial slow start can help you acclimate to the altitude.
  • Drink plenty of water: Going to higher altitudes can dehydrate you faster so stay hydrated. Aim for 3-4 liters of water per day.
  • Avoid Fatigue: Excessive exercise can aggravate altitude sickness. Feel free to explore.
  • Medications: Consult with your doctor before traveling. Drugs such as Diamox may be recommended to prevent altitude sickness.

Driving safely on mountain roads

Manali to Leh is a spectacular drive, but also a tricky one, with winding roads and unpredictable weather. Here are some things to keep you safe on those mountain roads.

  • Use a reliable vehicle: A sturdy, well-maintained vehicle is essential. Make sure your car is serviced properly before you travel.
  • Know your route: Plan your trip carefully. Use an online map to navigate to areas where the signal may be poor.
  • Understand mountain road etiquette: Traffic in the mountains generally has the right of way. Also, sweep your headlights down when approaching an oncoming vehicle to avoid distracting another driver.
  • Look for Help: You’re likely to encounter help on these trails. Take it slow and give them a right of way.

Prevention of high altitude disease

Altitude sickness can be an unwanted obstacle in your travels, but there’s no need to worry—we have tips to help you manage it successfully.

  • Get used to it: Start your trip slowly by spending two days in Manali to get acclimated to the altitude.
  • Climb slowly: Try to avoid climbing too high—if possible, drive to Leh for three to three days, with overnight stops in Kelang and Sarachu.
  • Be careful: Watch your body’s reactions. If you experience symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and shortness of breath, relax and give your body time to adjust.
  • Medications: Consult your doctor before starting your trip. Drugs such as Diamox may be recommended for the prevention or treatment of altitude sickness.

Stay hydrated and get enough rest

Balance is the key to fully enjoy the road trip from Manali to Leh. Adequate rest and hydration are keys to that balance.

  • Drink water: The higher the altitude, the faster you can get dehydrated. Continue to drink water throughout your journey and aim to drink about 3-4 liters per day.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine: Both can aggravate dehydration and interfere with your quality, so it’s best to stay away.
  • Take frequent breaks: While driving, stop every now and then to stretch your legs, take pictures and catch your breath.
  • Plan to rest at night: It’s important to give your body a chance to recover at night. On your way to Leh, plan to stop at Keylang Sarchu (or similar places).
  • Listen to your body: Don’t be afraid to adjust your travel plans if you’re feeling tired or unwell. An extra day off can make all the difference.

In conclusion: Your journey is waiting!

Driving from Manali to Leh is more than just a road trip—it’s a journey full of natural beauty, adventure, and deep interaction with local cultures Our guide, you’re ready to address important aspects of preventing altitude sickness and maintaining your urine levels and rest.

Remember that acclimatization is key on this hike—unexpected changes can affect your body, so it pays to climb slowly. Staying hydrated is equally important, as is making sure you get enough rest to allow your body to recover and adjust.

You’re all set now, wise to deal with road manners and grab the best deals in Leh market. The breathtaking views of the Nubra Valley and the winding canyons of the Indus River are ready for your arrival.

So, fellow adventurers, what are you waiting for? It’s time to bundle up and plan your next unforgettable trip. The world of travel from Manali to Leh is waiting for you with open arms. An adventure, and remember—every moment on this road trip is a memory being made.

Go ahead and start planning your trip today – make your trip safe and full of surprises!

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