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Summer Activities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is truly an international metropolis. Once colonised by Britain, this unique city is a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures. You can see British buildings as well as traditional Chinese buildings in Hong Kong; it is a place like no other. Hong Kong is a very vibrant city, there is always something exciting going on. As summer is around the corner, the city gets more energetic. Here’re some of the fun activities you can do in Hong Kong during the summer. Hope it inspires you to book a trip to Hong Kong.

Rooftop bars

Because of Hong Kong’s high density and its famous city skyline, there are a lot of very chill rooftop bar in Hong Kong. What’s better to unwind with a beverage of your choice after a day of exploring on a rooftop bar overlooking the city night view. When the streets are roaming with people and vehicles, being on a rooftop bar gives you some space and silence. Some of the famous drinking areas you would want to check out are Lan Kwai Fong and Tsim Sha Tsui. You can find loads of nice bars around there!


Another awesome idea to fight against the summer heat is to take a trip down the beach. Hong Kong is often known as the concrete jungle with all its skyscrapers, but Hong Kong actually has a lot of amazing beaches too! And they are super easy to get to. Here are some of the places you would want to check out:

Sai Kung

Sai Kung Town Centre has a lot of different cuisines, from Chinese style seafood to Western style seafood and steak house, also some very instagrammable cafes for you to chill at. What’s special with Sai Kung is, it has a lot of different islands with beautiful beaches. You can easily find a speedboat that will take you to your ideal beach island or to even for island hopping!


Stanley is another hot spot for both tourists and locals during the summer. With amazing bars and restaurants spread across the seaside; during the day, Stanley also has a vibrant flea market. You can find unique souvenirs there or one of a kind fashion pieces. The best way to visit Stanley is get there early, take a stroll at the market first, head to the beach to sunbathe around noon or afternoon then head back to town centre for a relaxing dinner by the sea.

360 Cable car and Big Buddha

Going as high as 24 metres, the Big Buddha is one of the most well known landmarks of Hong Kong. Many slowly climb up 268 steps to see this magnificent statue. The Big Buddha is located at Ngong Ping in Lantau Island, not far away from Tung Chung Town. The best way to visit this majestic island is to take a cable car from Tung Chung – the Ngong Ping 360. Like its name, this 25 minutes cable car ride gives you a 360 view of Lantau Island and you can even see the Big Buddha at bird view. By the end of the cable car ride, you will arrive at Ngong Ping village. It is a renovated living museum for visitors to learn about traditional cultures and ways of living in Hong Kong. The village is one straight road, by the end of it you will reach Po Lin Monastery and that’s where the Big Buddha is located.

The Peak

One cannot travel to Hong Kong and not visit The Peak. Hong Kong is most famous for its city skyline and at The Peak you get the BEST view! They’re a few ways to get to The Peak. If you are looking for some active activities, you can walk up the hiking trail. It’s a fun experience as you can see the famous Hong Kong skyline gradually appear in front of you. You can also take a minibus or a cab at Central. For a more historic experience, you can take the Peak Tram that has begun operating since 1888. Head to the Peak Tower and you can find some places to eat and quite a number of souvenir shops. The Madame Tussauds Hong Kong wax museum is also located in the Peak Tower.

Victoria Harbour

Speaking of the famous Hong Kong skyline, Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsiu is another must visit. It is a long shoreline and towards the end it’s Hong Kong’s Star of Avenue. Every night at 8pm, the harbour will put on an exciting light show. When all the buildings are lit up with different light decorations, beaming laser lights and up beat music, Victoria Harbour at night gives you a sense of how vibrant Hong Kong truly is. There are seats above the pier. The best way to enjoy the night view is to grab either a beverage of your choice of some ice cream, have a seat and be taken away by this breathtaking view.

Cat Street

Buying souvenirs for your loved ones back home is always a headache when travelling. If you want to get something special with a story, be sure to head to Cat Street, also known as Upper Lascar Row. It is the most amazing antique market in Hong Kong! You can find vintage home decorations, one of a kind jewellery pieces, Chinese tea sets and paintings. The market is only open during the day so make sure to plan your visit and don’t miss out! Sometimes shopping in the heat is a bit much. If that’s the case, there are a lot of nice bars and cafes at Cat Street. Take a short break then resume treasure hunting!

Ocean Park

There’s no other place like Ocean Park. Ocean Park is a local sea life theme park. Spread across the mountains, there are two parts in Ocean Park. The lower park is where the aquarium and animal attractions are. You can see a lot of rare Asian animals in Ocean Park. One of the most famous ones are the pandas! Make sure to pop in and say hi. Take a short cable car ride to the top and that’s where the amusement rides and arcade are. Ocean Park in the summer is beautiful, when the flowers are blooming and everyone is hyper excited for the nice weather.

Hong Kong is definitely a place you mustn’t miss! It has a lot to offer and you will for sure be blown away how vibrant this international city is. What are you waiting for? Head to Cathay Pacific and book your flights to Hong Kong.

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