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7 Travel scams to Avoid in 2020

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Do you want to learn about travel scams to avoid in 2020? Then you have come to the right place in this post you’ll get to know about the travel scams you have to avoid.

Some people might argue travel scams are not true but in fact, travel scams are real.

Many people have faced travel scams on their backpacking trips. I have encountered a couple of them too.

These travel scams were worst when it went to another level where we have nothing left with us to enjoy and so. In this article, we want to help people to avoid all the scams that can happen on your travel trip.

Usually, avoiding travel scams requires a lot of suspicions and common sense. Even if we have both, at times, we may fall into the trap. So, to avoid them we have prepared a list of travel scams to avoid in 2020.

Let’s check the list of travel Scams to Avoid in 2020.

Travel Scams to Avoid in 2020:

Go through these travel scams to avoid in 2020 and make sure you avoid these on your travel trips. We have listed the most common and universal travel scams to avoid in 2020.

Overcharges on Taxi:

People often fall for taxi scams more often than other scams. It’s one of the most common travel scams to avoid in 2020. In this scam, the taxi driver will tell you the meter is broken or not working and try to charge triple than the regular price. In some cases, you can see meters go faster and empty your pockets like wildfire.

As a traveller, you have to avoid this scam. To prevent it, you need to know how much the ride should generally cost and then go for that ride. Usually, by asking hotel staff or hostel staff, you can get this information. Offer a taxi driver the correct price while negotiating, if he refuses to go for that price, then you have to search for another cab.

Also, avoid riding on an unlicensed cab no matter how low the price is because it can get you into trouble.

Motorbike Scam:

Motorbike Scam is another scam you should be careful of. While you rent a bike the price will be different, and when you bring it back, the owner demands an additional payment saying that the bike has been damaged.

These types of scams are most commonly found in Asian countries. To avoid these types of scams you have to take a picture of the bike first to check any previous damage. At times, there are situations where the owner will send someone to mess with the bikes or steal them so that you have to pay for the bike. Be careful with that and use your lock.

Closed Accommodation Scam:

While riding to the hotel on the cab, the driver will try to convince you that your desired hotel is overbooked or even closed. At times, they also say it’s too pricey with no comforts and so on.

These drivers will do that to recommend other hotels that give commissions to them. They blabber good things about the hotel, but when you check the room, you’ll be in shock as some of the places are merely worse.

So, never try the driver insisting hotel/hostel. Usually, most of the people will not fall for this trap, but still, they are a few who can fall. That’s why stay away from this travel scam in 2020.

Being Friendly Scam:

The friendly scam is one of the oldest scams, that was already shown in lots of movies. These types of scams start with a friendly conversation, and later they will offer to visit their place.

Soon when going there, they will provide you with a cup of tea and be kind to you and friendly insist you buy something from their shop. This is one of the social tricks to bring visitors to their business. To stay out of it, never go when anyone offers you to visit their shop.

Free offering Scam:

These types of free offering scams are common in Europe and some Asian countries. Here, a buyer will approach you with a friendly talk and will ask you to try their stuff. At times, they put it in your pockets, hand, or any place, and then they demand money from you for that product.

If you refuse to buy that product means they will create a scene and embarrass you in front of all. So, never allow anyone to put anything on your body. Even if they ask to take it for free, never accept that offer to be safe. Free Scam is a type of travel scams to avoid in 2020.

Be Aware of PickPocketing Scam:

Pick-pocketing is one of the oldest Scam, but it’s the most used Scam. Some try this in different ways, to loot travellers. In some cases, they intentionally spill something on you and try to clean it and in the process will steal you.

In other cases, they will cut your back pocket while you are interestingly watching different things and so on. To avoid this Scam, you have to be careful and active all the time. Clean the spill yourself rather than giving them the chance to loot you. This is one of the travel scams to avoid in 2020.

The Flirtatious Woman Scam:

Generally, when you go to a new country and head over to a bar. You can find lots of beautiful girls, suddenly if some come to you have a conversation. You will be touching heights in your imagination and having drinks throughout the night. When you wake up, the bar owner will ask you to pay a hefty price than you usually drink. This is one of the most commonly going travel scams to avoid in 2020.

Stay away from these types of scams, although it’s hard for some people you have to stay strong to shield yourself.


These are the travel scams to avoid in 2020. Although there are other scams while you are travelling, I have mentioned the ongoing travel scams that are common in most of the tourist attractions.

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