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Group Retreat Ideas in the Los Angeles Area

Located on the West Coast of the USA, Los Angeles is the dream city for anyone trying to make a name for themselves in any sector – be it entertainment, sports or business. However, all this hard work can put a toll on the person’s mental and emotional balance. And so, it often becomes important to spend one or two days every month relaxing and pampering yourself with your friends.

And if you are looking to plan one such relaxing weekend, here is a list of some of the best retreats around Los Angeles to go and spend a relaxing day to recharge for the hectic week ahead. And since it’s always a challenge to organize group transportation, especially when LA traffic is involved, your group might also want to consider a private Los Angeles bus rental so that everyone can arrive safely, on time, and stress free.

1. Zen Casa

In the midst of the Santa Monica Boulevard this meditation centre is open from sunrise to sunset, thereby ensuring that the group can spend all day indulging in relaxation. Being one of the off the beaten path destinations of the otherwise glamorous Beverly Hills, the centre hosts regular meditation sessions centred around various themes to relax and rejuvenate the spirits of the attendees. As a bonus, it also hosts several community-bonding activities to encourage intermingling between the members of the community.

2. Greenleaf Oasis

This vacation retreat, in the suburb of Topanga, promises to provide a relaxing environment for all persons coming up. Its location on the Greenleaf Canyon road gives it ample natural surrounding for a sudden natural retreat. Adding to that, the vacation rental service also provides sessions in alternative medicine for the patrons to rejuvenate themselves.

3. Avalon Palm Springs

Nestled in the Palm Springs, this retreat is especially good if a vacationing group wants to get off from the habit heavy drinking, smoking and other indulgences. The regular sessions conducted here help to detoxify the body against various intoxicants consumed, thereby making the people healthy from the outside as well as the inside. This therapy is a complete box package since it also includes dinners set from a therapeutic view, apart from regular interactions with the founders of the facility.

4. The Ashram

The name sounds Indian, very much like its vision and the rapeutical approach to things. This wonderful retreat named The Asharm hosts its guests for a week-long sojourn full of various rejuvenating exercises to bring a whole group back to their mental sanity. Nestled in the foothills of Santa Monica mountains, its secluded location also gives it the peace and tranquillity that the people on a retreat desire so much. Its USP is its approach to the healthy eating habits that balance the overall metabolic activities as well as the mind-body conundrum.

5. The Ranch Malibu

This site is set on the grounds belonging previously to a children’s camp in the hills above Malibu. It has been long famous for its award-winning wellness retreat facility and services, which are centred around weight loss, fitness and restorative health. The tour given to the patrons includes daily hikes, guided exercise and locally sourced plant meals, which makes it even more exciting for people who are willing to go on a spree of adventures to sooth their moods and state their thirst for the thrill. Patrons here can choose wellness programs based on the duration of their retreat – the programmes run from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 7 days custom-designed tour.

All of these places offer you and your group a beautiful weekend of relaxation and healing. And you can do all of that without having to travel for more than thirty minutes from the city so you can be back in time for office at the beginning of the week, fully rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again.

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