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Must-Have Devices for a Long Dog-Walk

Easter is just around the corner, which is great news for dog walkers. The British countryside is bursting with picturesque, enthralling walks which will be enjoyed tremendously by both dogs and their masters. This is all the more so when the weather’s clear and the sun is shining – as it increasingly is.



One of the crowning virtues of walking, as a pastime, is that it’s inexpensive. You needn’t invest heavily in specialist gear in order to get the best out of it – and, if you’re the owner of a dog, it should be something you’re already doing. That said, there are few items which will make life easier. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


If you’re going to be walking your dog outdoors, then you’ll need a means of restraining them. This means comes in the form of a lead. While we’ve all got some variety of lead, it must be said that some are a great deal more effective than others.

Invest in a quality lead. If you’ve got yourself a big, powerful dog, then you’ll need an accordingly powerful lead – preferably one that ends in a jacket, which spreads the force of your tugs over the dog’s upper body, rather than concentrating it around their neck.

Many dogs are well-behaved enough to get by without a lead most of the time. But remember that you’re going to be walking through unfamiliar territory; if something unexpected happens – like another, possibly less-well-behaved, dog appears – you’ll want to be able to control the situation.

Furthermore, there are some situations where having your dog on a lead is a legal requirement. Many public footpaths will take your through farmland where livestock might be kept. You’ve no way of anticipating what the reaction of a herd of sheep might be to your dog. If a dog gives chase to a sheep, then the resulting stress can be lethal. In such a situation, a farmer may be legally entitled to shoot your dog – so be sensible and keep your dog on a lead when you’re walking it through farmland.



While your dog might be able to get by barefoot, humans are not quite so fortunate. If you’re to go for a long walk, you’ll need some suitable footwear. This means a rugged, substantial boot that’s able to support your feet.
If you go for cheaper boots, you’ll likely have to contend with severe discomfort after less than an hour’s walking. Moreover, you’ll be less prepared for muddy, slippery surfaces that you might encounter in cold weather. Save yourself a great deal of hassle, and make your walks a great deal more pleasant, by investing in the right footwear.

Dog Jacket

Breeds of dogs come in many different shapes and sizes. Some, like the Samoyed, have thick fur coats which allow them to navigate Siberian snowdrifts with ease. Unfortunately, many breeds are not blessed with long fur – and these breeds will suffer more when exposed to frosty conditions.

If you’re the owner of a short-haired dog, then you might consider investing in a suitable jacket. They’re available in a range of different styles and sizes, and may make the difference for your dog on those frosty winter mornings.

Boot protector

Taking a dog for a walk in the countryside is a worthwhile and rewarding thing to do. But there are some practical drawbacks involved. For one thing, the countryside is full of dirt: mud, dead leaves and rotting, foul-smelling matter-of-indeterminate-origin will prove fascinating to many breeds. If you’re the owner of a hunting dog, like a terrier, then you’ll likely find yourself waiting for them to finish rummaging beneath random bushes in search of interesting smells to sniff.

All of this is wonderful fun from the dog’s perspective. But for us humans, it’s not so wonderful, since the end result will be a filthy dog. And if you’re planning to drive your dog back to civilisation, the result will surely be a filthy car, too.

Avoid this problem with the aid of a boot protector. This is a protective covering which slots neatly into your boot, shielding it against stray dog hairs, muddy paw prints and saliva. A car is a considerable investment, and warrants protection – and a boot protector is an excellent means of offering such protection.

But not all boot protectors are created equal. Cheaper ones will provide an imperfect fit, offering many gaps through which dirt can pass. Invariably, the most effective boot liners are those which are created specifically with a given model of car in mind. These will provide a tailored fit that will ensure maximum protection for your vehicle. Hatchbag car boot covers fall into this latter category – whether you’re looking for a Mercedes, BMW or Audi Boot liner, they’ll be able to cater to your needs.

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