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Check Out This Amazing Wonder on Earth

The earth is a paradise for those who like to be amazed at the strange things it has to offer. One such thing is a structure discovered under Lake Michigan back in the year 2007. The structure reminds us of the iconic Stonehenge in the UK. Thus, it has earned its name “Lake Michigan Stonehenge.” Since its discovery, many years have passed. But we still have no data regarding its origins. That is why the structure has been able to maintain the mystery surrounding it. Now, let us take an in-depth look at this formation.

How did the structure come to light?

The year was 2007 when Mark Holley led a scan of the famous Lake Michigan. He was a professor and researcher at Northwestern University and his intention behind conducting the scan was quite simple. He wanted to discover and research some old shipwrecks that may be underwater. In the initial stages of the scan, he found a car and a few shipwrecks older than the Civil War era. As most people would agree, this was not a small feat. However, this was not the end of his success.

Moments later, he discovered something underwater that shook not only him but also the entire mankind. He never expected to discover a structure that resembles the famous Stonehenge of the UK under the lake. Well, the similarity was not because the stones were 12 feet tall or anything. They were not. But the way they were arranged is where lied the similarity. This systematic arrangement tells us that the structure found there can’t be anything other than being artificial.

How old could the structure be?

This uncanny resemblance to the popular UK site has made people call them by their current name. Even after more than a decade, we are still very much unaware of their origins. While some experts have inferred the structure to be 9000 years old, it is nothing certain. Why? It’s because one of the stones has a mastodon carved on it. As you may know, mastodons went extinct back in 8000 AD. That is when there were no humans on earth. So, is it even possible that men carved the stone when mastodons were long gone by then?

Also, the lake is there from the Ice Age. It is highly unlikely that humans placed the structure underwater. So, it could only mean that they built it before Ice Age when the area was still dry. But there’s a big complication with that. Before the Ice Age period, humans didn’t have the means or the skills to build a structure this complex. So, they couldn’t have built it before the Ice Age started. Also, if they built it after the Ice Age, how did they place it under the lake? It just makes no sense. This mystery is what has made the underwater site a hot topic in the first place.


To conclude, this site is a great man-made marvel. While we still don’t know about its origins, maybe one day we will. And, that day, we will discover a hidden chapter of human history.

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