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Living the Dream in Kakadu: Incredible Things to Do


Image Source: Vigina Dawson

Travellers to Northern Territory, Australia who love nothing more than experiencing some of the wonders of the world will be forgiven for thinking they have landed in heaven once they embark on an adventure in Kakadu National Park. Apart from its vast area covering around 20,000 square kilometres being abundant in a large variety of flora and fauna, Kakadu is home to some really unique holiday accommodation. Moreover, visitors to the largest national park in Australia will be blown away by its sheer natural beauty with opportunities to get close to the natural habitat of a wide range of wildlife. Indeed, animal lovers keen to see some of the incomprehensible variety of species in mammals, reptiles, birds and insects in Kakadu will not be left feeling disappointed.


Of course, bird watchers that come prepared with their best pair of binoculars and other monitoring equipment will be in their element as they navigate through lush terrain teeming in all kinds of bird species. For people planning to go on long treks through Kakadu National Park in a quest to capture images of wildlife commonly found in this region of NT, staying in national park accommodation would probably be the best thing to do.

Aurora Kakadu

The good news for holidaymakers hoping to stay in a luxury hotel in Kakadu is it will not be difficult to achieve this common goal of the more ambitious traveller in this part of the Territory. Kakadu luxury accommodation such as Kakadu Aurora will not fail guests with its range of accommodation options including hotel rooms with the finest of features, traditional cabins and camping sites.

Visitors to Kakadu National Park that are yet to make up their mind on the type of accommodation to stay in during their holiday can treat themselves to a stay in Kakadu Aurora. Notwithstanding the superb service and luxurious provisions offered in Aurora Kakadu, some of the tours that can be arranged for Kakadu are quite simply out of this world.

To learn more about the many different tours that can be booked for Kakadu National Park, a quick search online will lead you to a number of websites presenting you tour options for you to choose from. Intrepid explorers planning to spend some time in Kakadu National Park will be over the moon with the huge range of activities to get up to in this awe-inspiring region of the Northern Territory.

National Park Trips

Image Source: Flickr

It goes without saying that if we have made the effort to reach the amazing Kakadu National Park in NT, Australia, we will want to make sure our visit there goes according to plan. Of course, one way to achieve this goal would be to create a proper travel itinerary to commence on the first day we will be staying there. Fortunately for adventurous souls planning to experience as much as possible during their stay in the amazing Kakadu National Park, there are heaps of activities on offer in this Territory region.

Some of the more interesting things to do whilst in or around Kakadu National Park include the following:

1. Visit the natural beauty of Mamukala wetlands
2. Experience the awe-inspiring Gu-ngarre walk
3. Head to the South Alligator picnic area to relax and unwind
4. Go to the Waldak Irrmbal to explore the West Alligator Head
5. Drive to Gunlom Waterfall to cool down

Of course, if we have only completed a fraction of all the things we wanted to do during our first visit to the incredible Kakadu National Park, we could book up another trip to this popular part of the Northern Territory.

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