Best Historic Cafes in Europe

Europe is filled with cafes glorious for their ties to the artistic, literary, and political circles of their day. In a time once a brand new Starbucks looks to be popping up on each corner, you will be needing to connect with coffee houses that have some historical roots. Here are some best historic cafes in Europe.

Jama Michalika in Krakow, Poland

Jama MichalikaConstructed in 1895, the name of this historic Polish restaurant translates as “Michalik’s Cave.” It’s maybe best glorious for its attention-grabbing interior decor, that consists of works of art done by students from the nearby Academy of Fine Arts. In return for these pieces, the students were allowed to eat for free.

Cafe A Brasileira in Lisbon, Portugal

Cafe A Brasileira was built over a century ago in 1905. Among Lisbon’s many historic cafes, this one is a favorite for both locals and tourists. Located in the city’s old quarter, this cafe has a beautiful, carved wood interior with mosaicked floors and brass fixtures on the walls.

Queen’s Lane Coffee House in Oxford, England

CoffeeQueen’s Lane Coffee House, which in 2009 renamed itself just “QL,” has been in operation ever since 1654. One of the oldest cafes in all of England, as well as the oldest still trading cafe in Oxford, the Queen’s Lane Coffee House continues to be popular with students and tourists.

Pedrocchi Cafe in Padua, Italy

Pedrocchi CafePedrocchi Cafe is not only historic, dating back to 1760, but is also one of the world’s biggest cafes. It has an architecturally eclectic style, and has attracted many different artists in its centuries of operation. Pedrocchi Cafe was a central place during the 1848 riots in Padua against the Austrian Hapsburg monarchs.

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