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5 Amazing Places in Japan for First Timers

Japan is the beautiful popular heritage destination in the world. It is an island nation located in East Asia. Japan is also known as the “Land of rising Sun“. It is unique blend with many temples and buildings, despite of this most of the historical sites are used for their original purpose but some of them are open to public. Japanese are well-known for their politeness, architecture and technology. Visitors impressed with the culture and history of Japan. The natural beauty of Japan is alive all the year to attract the visitors. In addition to these, Japan is also well known for their lowest crime rate in world. if you find yourself lost somewhere in Japan, you should not be worried because you would definitely find someone to help. An overview of the top attractions of Japan are listed below.

The Tokyo tower

The Tokyo tower

This is the 2nd tallest human-made tower inspired by Eiffel tower, this resembles the modern life and advancement of technology. it also function as the observation and communication tower. Visitors can climb to it to have a unparalleled view of Tokyo, as well visit shops and restaurants.

Golden Pavilion

This is one of the most popular attraction to visitors of Japan, this was built in the late 14th century, the upper two leafs are originally of Gold. This beautiful building is in between pond, which is capped with the lush green background in summer and snow in winter.

Mount FujiMount

Mount FujiMount

fuji is the highest mountain in Japan with 3,776 meter height this is popular with the tourist, climbers and sightseers. Around 30% of foreigners climb the Mount Fuji every year. This is one of the most active and drastic volcanic site.

Great Buddha of KamakuraLord buddaha is one of the most celebrated Buddhist figure this monument is about 13 meter high and weighs 93 tons. Here Great Buddha is seated in lotus position with his hand forming the gesture of meditation. With a beautiful backdrop of wooden hills this is the most spectacular site to visit.

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park is famous for its hot springs. Jigokudani means Hell’s valley, it is because of steam and boiling water that comes out from the frozen ground. This park is famous for large population of snow monkey who go to the cliff to sit all day long during days and back to the security of forest.

Beside of all these beautiful culture and amazing heritage of Japan people heard the rumors about the high pricing which made them hesitant to go. Actually, you would find Japan very affordable sometimes cheaper than countries in Western Europe.

There are some ways to cut out the price in order to cheaply visit the beautiful Japan, like winning at trip to Japan on an online contest at available now to everyone or like get a bullet train pass because traveling is the one of the most costly thing. You can enjoy the Sushi at very affordable price mostly below 1500 yens. So by buying rail pass, eating relatively cheap food like sushi and visiting few attractions like above would around cost just $100 per day, which seems to be cheaper than any other European country.

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