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Travel and Tech in Europe: A Geeky Traveler’s Dream

It’s always wonderful to combine the wonders of the latest inventions in technology with the wonders of traveling around the world in search for places yet unseen. The finest way to do this is to visit technology events in countries you have not been yet. Today I’m going to present you the cities where the biggest technology events take place in Europe – and, of course, the events themselves.

Barcelona, Spain – Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress (or MWC) is the biggest and most attended mobile technology event in Europe. It takes place each year at the beginning of February, in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. For some reason, this year’s event took place in March, but next year’s event will be back in February. The MWC is the event where some of the most anticipated new mobile products and technologies are presented by manufacturers from all over the world.

Barcelona is a city to visit even without its major mobile tech conference. It is the second largest city in Spain, and it acts as the capital of one of the autonomous regions of the country, Catalonia. Built between two rivers and mountain ridges by the Romans, Barcelona has grown into not just an important cultural and historical center, but also a place for world class conferences, expositions and international sporting events. Its influence in commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world’s major global cities.

Hanover, Germany – CeBIT


The world’s largest and “most international” computer expo – CeBIT – takes place every year at the world’s largest fairground in Hanover, Germany since 1970. This year’s event gathered hundreds of thousands of visitors, both information technology professionals and computer enthusiasts, from 100 countries all over the world, and over 350 startups brought their innovative products to the trade show. Next year’s event will take place between the 14th and the 18th of March.

Hanover is a city worth a visit, even if it can’t be tied with a trade show. It is the capital of the Lower Saxony federal state in Germany, founded in the medieval times on the banks of the river Leine. Besides its famous fairground, Hanover has incredible sights to visit: the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, the Berggarten (one of the most important European botanical gardens), the Hanover Zoo (one of the most spectacular zoos in Europe), the Waterloo Column, the Laves House, the Wangenheim Palace, the Lower Saxony State Archives, the Hanover Playhouse, and the Old Town as a whole. Combined with the advanced technologies of modern times, the medieval city of Hanover has interesting things to experience for every category of visitors.

Image by rick ligthelm under cc license


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