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Drag your heels to the Walking Dead filming locations

Outdoor TravelerWhen you are a fan of the Walking Dead series, seeing some of the actual shoot locations close up is a thrilling experience. A physical visit puts you right there in the scene and enables you to re-live some of the show’s most dramatic events from a personal perspective.

Rick’s house is one such location. On screen, it’s the place he retreats to after suffering a serious gunshot wound. In real life, the house is located in Atlanta, Georgia opposite Grant Park and Zoo Atlanta. You can see how the building actually looks, then work out the degree of window dressing it took to transform it for the screen.

Also in Georgia is the Highway Overpass, where in the series, the Federal Rescue Service set up a quarantine zone, blocking anyone one from entering or leaving the city of Savannah. In the ensuing panic, a fuel tanker collides with the barricades and sends people fleeing in all directions. It’s a massive scene and by being there yourself, you can visualize the amount of effort that went into its creation. You can see tangible evidence that this is a real place, not simply a CGI masterpiece, and the next time you watch the action on TV, you can say you were really there.

In real life, the Walking Dead survivor’s camp is a few miles from downtown Atlanta in a place called Bellwood Quarry. It can easily be reached by bus, and if you make the effort to get there, it makes sense to take a hike to the bottom. The city purchased the quarry in 2006 and is in the process of converting it into a 1.9 billion gallon reservoir and 300 acre park.

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