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Quick Guide to Planning a Caravanning Trip

Caravan parks, popularly known as recreational vehicle park are a holiday choice mainly in North America and Europe. The caravan are usually RV parks, which include amenities like a bathroom, refrigerator, dining area and entertainment systems. There are also luxury caravans that have large beds, wi fi, kitchen area and other accessories. People on a caravanning trip usually go on a road trip and then reach an RV camp ground where they set up their vehicles. They can then take out chairs, tables, barbecuing and cooking utensils and set them up around their allocated plot. These sort of camp grounds are a good way to socialize and meet new people as the vehicles are usually parked close to each other and people often invite others over to their areas to have a bonfire or barbeque. The facilities at the pitch site may vary but most of them include the AC power connection, food and drink, sewer connection, television connection and sometimes a telephone connection and wifi connection.


The park they set up in also will have several facilities and activities the guests can indulge in. The park has allocated barbeque areas, bathhouses, gyms and other exercise equipment, swimming pools, golf courses, spas, bars and restaurants, recreation rooms etc. Some sites have activities such as fishing, bike rides, trekking, and entertainment shows. Some other activities include outdoor movie screenings, wildlife safaris, and indoor and outdoor gaming zones. Caravan holidays are usually very cost effective as you save up on the stay as it usually cheap to get a pitch in a nice caravan park. For more budget holidays and to find excellent ways to save money on your holiday, caravan holidays are a great idea.


Going out on a caravan trip can be confusing for the first timers so here are some tips to save on your caravan holidays –

1) Make a checklist first – making a checklist with all the items you’re taking is a must. You also should have enough extra oil and extra parts that may come in handy in case of an emergency

2) Test before you go
Caravans are pretty huge vehicles, so make sure that the driver is comfortable driving the vehicle and can maneuver it easily. They are also slower on roads so make sure the driver gets accustomed to the occasional honking he may face from cars behind.

3) Be prepared for confined spaces
It might sound fun at first, but living in such a small space with others can get tiring and also suffocating to those not used to it. So take a group that is easy going and will gel well with each other.

If you are looking out for an unconventional holiday, you could stay in a caravan park which is a road trip and a camping trip rolled up in one!

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