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Most Attractive Tourist Destinations in Serbia

Serbia is a country that offers something to everyone, from its thriving urban attractions to a calm and peaceful countryside that is donned by the small towns and hamlets. It is also well-known as one of the cheapest places in the whole Balkans. So, your trip to Serbia is worth your visit.

Aside from its vast resources of culture and history, one can also enjoy at the swinging café and bars. This country has a thriving nightlife and undoubtedly the world’s some of the best music festivals. Get out from the dark shadows of Serbia’s past and have a look into the future. These are some of the best tourist destinations in Serbia that you must explore.

1. Belgrade– Belgrade is the capital of Serbia which is located at the intersection between the rivers of Danube and Sava. It presents a colorful mix of the old and new styles, from the nineteenth-century buildings to Art Nouveau structures.

Belgrade offers a little bit of everything including the iconic Kalemgdan Fortress which is located in the Kalemgdan Park. Only the remains of this great fortress can be witnessed today. The Park has also a Military Museum which tells the military history of the region. This museum also features the remnants of a US stealth bomber, just in case you were curious enough.

2. Fruska Gora Mountain and National Park–  TheFruska Gora Mountains located in the region of Syrmia share the Serbian border with Croatia and is popularly known as the ‘Jewel of Serbia’. This mountain region also covers a protected area known as the Fruska Gora Park which is famous for its vineyards and wineries which will be a great visit for grape enthusiasts. For adventure lovers, this place offers rambling, hiking, climbing, and picnicking. But the biggest tourist attraction at this place are the Orthodox Monasteries that are scattered all over the countryside. Some of this monasteries date as back as 12th century.

3. Sokobanja– Sokobanja lies to the east of the country and is pretty famous among the tourists for its spa towns. These spas were once the retreat of choice of Roman Emperors. Locals, as well as celebrities, visit this town for its thermal waters which are said to have deep healing powers. There is also a public ‘hamam’ or stream dating back to 17th century. Visitors also come to Sokobanja for its clean and pollution free air which is high in negative ions.

4. Vinca– This region lies outside of the capital city of Belgrade and is one of the most important places in the history of Serbia. This place is home to a well-known archeological site of Belo Brdo that means ‘White Hill’. This area came into limelight because of the many archaeological findings in Vinca. These findings were made up of bones and stones that included statues, ornaments, and drinking vessels. Visitors are allowed to visit both the site as well as a museum that showcase these rare items of the Neolithic age which are dated back to about 5,000 to 4,000 BC.

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