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Holiday Destination Decisions: Is Cruising Right for You?

P&O(1)Cruise holidays are one of the most popular choices amongst holidaymakers these days, but not everyone is hooked on the idea immediately.

If you have not been cruising before, you may have some preconceived ideas about this type of holiday that may actually turn out to be unfounded. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the answers to common questions put forward by travellers who are trying to decide if cruising is right for them.

Plenty of good reasons to sail

If you are open to persuasion and looking to make a case for booking a cruise holiday, there are plenty of good reasons why you might be encouraged to book an adventure at sea.

When you look at the P&O Cruises cruise itineraries and other cruise operators, you soon see that there is a very diverse choice of exciting destinations, and a key selling point of a cruise holiday is the fact that you get to see a number of different countries and iconic locations all in one trip.

A lot of cruise fans often pinpoint great value as being a prime reason why they choose to cruise for their holidays. The fare you pay includes almost everything, so for a fixed price you get accommodation, food and entertainment as well as all of your travel between ports of course.

A lot of cruise ships are designed to appeal to all ages. Gone are the days where cruises were just for the over 50’s and most ships have extensive kids facilities, so cruising makes for a great family holiday where everyone enjoys themselves.

Common arguments

There are bound to be people who have almost convinced themselves that they really won’t like cruising for a number of different reasons.

Some fear that they will feel seasick , whilst others might think that they will be bored being stuck on a ship in the middle of an ocean.

Many of the cruise ships in service are virtually floating cities and this means that both of these common arguments can be quickly countered. The size of the cruise ships and the fact that they have features built in to them to keep them very stable, mean that many people soon forget they are afloat and not on dry land, as there is very little movement to make you even think about feeling a bit queasy.

The other argument about boredom is also a bit hollow as far as many cruisers are concerned, as there is always a full programme of events, and entertainment on board throughout the day as well as plenty of facilities like a gym and swimming pools, plus the fact that days at sea are soon broken up with regular stops at exciting destinations.

Too much food

Amazingly, some people think that cruise ships are unhealthy because they offer too much food to their passengers.
Cruise ships are renowned for providing excellent dining options and with all the restaurants on board you are certainly never likely to go hungry for long, but healthy dining options are a top priority on many cruise liners.
This means that you can have a cheeseburger or indulge in the midnight chocolate buffet if you want to, as you are on holiday after all, but you can also have sushi and salad and many menus also give you calorie content and other dietary information, so you can make an informed decision on what you eat.

Once you have seen what a cruise holiday has to offer, perhaps your next holiday will start with a friendly “welcome aboard” greeting.

Michael Wilson works as the Managing Director at Bolsover Cruise Club, a company his parents started during the late1960’s, although it was originally known as Bolsover Travel. Michael continues to be involved in all aspects of the business. Outside of work, Michael loves to take holidays with his family, watch rugby and garden.

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