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Bringing the Mediterranean Home: Injecting the Classic Style in Your Home

When you have traveled all throughout the world and you want to make your home a reflection of who you are and where you have been, you might want to consider thinking about ways to incorporate new ideas into the décor of your home. If you think of your place of residence as a way to display who you are and what journeys you have been on, finding unique ways to share your experiences can be one of the best ways to show who you are and what you care about.


The Mediterranean style is a classic one, and there are many ways to show your love for fantastic wine with rooftop views and great weather. If you have the space, an outdoor patio can be a haven for those looking to relax and enjoy the good weather. Consider choosing terracotta for an outdoor space—there’s a reason it’s been used by Mediterranean dwellers for hundreds of years. It keeps cool in the summer, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. You might want to think about adding sheer curtains to separate your outdoor and indoor space, since it’s a great way to give the illusion that they are connected. Much of the Mediterranean lifestyle is focused on the outdoor living area, so if you can bring that to life in your own home, you’ve already captured the Mediterranean spirit.

Another thing to consider when you are planning on incorporating some style inspired by your travels is to think about the interior. The way Mediterranean homes are built, large wooden beams in the ceiling are almost in every home. You can get the same feel by creating faux beams or uncovering the ones you do have. These beams are usually unfinished, and part of the charm is that they don’t look completely polished. You will want to talk to a professional who can offer you advice on the best way to get the desired look that you want without compromising on your home structurally. Another way to achieve that rustic, charming affect is by affixing traditional shutters to your windows. With the quick installation process, you’ll be welcoming the Mediterranean into your home in no time at all.

Finding the right colors is also an important part of deciding the best way to obtain that Mediterranean flair that you might be looking for. Using solid colors in shades like terracotta or including white walls in your plans can help you to achieve that look. Textures and patterns are also a large part of creating the affect that you are near the sea, and many Mediterranean homes have a conglomeration of styles from Africa, Greece, Italy, and more.

Your home should be a reflection of who are, and with the many options that are available today; you can find the perfect way to incorporate facets of the Mediterranean style into your home. In a way, it feels like going back to one of the places you love the most. Don’t forget to include your favorite trinkets and little items you have picked up on your travels for a truly beautiful home that you love returning to.

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