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Fun things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern California city and the center of the nation’s film and television industry. Near its iconic Hollywood sign, studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal, and Warner Brothers offer behind-the-scenes tours.

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States and the largest city in California. LA is a sprawling metropolis full of movie stars, wannabe actors, musicians, surfers, and lots of traffic.

Fun Things to do in Los Angeles

The Getty Center

The Getty is a magnificent building. On a clear day, the views are fantastic.  All are the extensive collection of art, sculpture and photography and its Attractions in Los Angeles. You can look out all over Los Angeles. It is all very well done with beautiful gardens around the place. The cafe had a variety of food but it was pricey which is expected at a place like this. There were some gluten-free items. Fantastic location with marvelous views beautifully exhibits both inside and out, well-planned tours.

Universal Studios Hollywood

This place is one of the Attractions in Los Angeles.  In the evening the light show outside Harry Potter is phenomenal. From top to bottom, the rides, shops & attractions will keep everyone happy. There are many exciting rides is there like The VR Harry Potter ride, the Jurassic roller coaster, the Simpsons ride, and the backlot tour. The view from Universal Studios Hollywood in the valley of the area is breathtaking. There are plenty of opportunities for photos.

Griffith Observatory

Attractions in Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory offers spectacular views of Hollywood Hills and the sprawling city of LA in addition to the displays of solar and celestial objects. It’s loaded with tourists and locals, but it’s a must-see. Be prepared for crowds and be prepared to walk, if necessary, especially uphill. There are buses but with the traffic in the area, those buses might not get you very far very fast. This place is free and open to the public. An attraction in Los Angeles is very interesting stuff and the views are absolutely beautiful.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Building itself is a must see and the Music offered is wonderful and also Attractions in Los Angeles. There is a free tour that it is very interesting, it’s a self-audio guided tour that explains everything about the concert hall. It is a beautiful concert hall.  Music is great wherever you sit. An attraction in Los Angeles, there is a Cafe located inside the Concert Hall, it is small with limited seating and high priced limited menu. The original metal finish actually blinded nearby residents that should give you some indication of the architecture.

Griffith Park

An attraction in Los Angeles, Griffith Park is obligatory must see in LA. The views from the Griffith Observatory balcony are stunning and the exhibition is very intelligently arranged interesting and not at all childish or simplistic. The box office opens at noon, and the place gets VERY crowded. Attractions in Los Angeles, The area near the Observatory has trails that wind through the hills, with spectacular views of the city below. Near the golf course and the Zoo, the trails climb into the hills that give views of the Los Angeles River, Glendale, and Burbank.

Staples Center

Attractions in Los Angeles, It’s a great place to visit even if you do not attend any game or concert. There is a small shop, plenty of restaurants to choose from or just stroll around and enjoy the light and environment. Though a trip to Attractions in Los Angeles wouldn’t be complete without a basketball game so you should go to the Staples Center to watch the Los Angeles Sparks women’s’ basketball team and had a great time. The center itself is clean, easy to navigate, and has multiple entrances.

Hollywood Sign

This is definitely a tourist spot and Attractions in Los Angeles.  There are very crowded, especially if you do it from Griffith Park. Use Mulholland Drive (Hollywood Hills) to get a closer view. You can take a photo of yourself in front of the Hollywood sign. The Best Attractions in Los Angeles are to see the sign is from Griffith Park but you can go for a 1 and a half hour hike to get to the exact sign location if you are up for a walk. It’s a must thing to do while visiting L.A.

Venice Beach

An attraction in Los Angeles, Venice Beach is a place full of Art / Athletes and people. It’s a place for the young, the tourist, the shopper, those wishing to sunbathe and those wishing to keep fit – either on bike, skates or something else. This is simply a must see and the most amazing and magical place and Attractions in Los Angeles. Your vacation to Southern California will not be complete without a visit to Venice Beach. Venice Beach is a trendy Little Beach town just south of Santa Monica.

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