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How to Travel in Style: 7 Things You must Follow

How to Travel in style!

Everything you need in order to holiday in style.

Travel in Style1. A cool pair of sneakers

A pair of new sneakers is an absolute must-have for any journey. Team them with anything for a comfy and casual, yet oh-so cool touch to any outfit. Air-plane travel isn’t renowned for being luxurious, so keep your feet happy and relaxed in a pair of understated sneakers. There are plenty of styles and brands out there so you’re bound to find something that matches your taste.

2. A good bag

There’s a lot to stuff to carry around with you when you’re around, from money, cameras and passports, to insect repellent and sunscreen. You’ll need something that’s fashionable, but also durable. A backpack is usually better than a sports bag or hold-all, for the simple reason that it can be strung over the shoulder and carried easily, leaving your hands free to explore. The best backpacks have plenty of compartments to deter pick-pockets (it’s a horrible but inescapable fact that tourists are candy for pick-pockets).

3. The right clothes

In hot countries, there’s nothing worse than being overdressed and uncomfortable. The ideal holiday outfits typically consist of shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, but there are occasions where something a little more substantial is required. Joggers, although relatively informal and casual, can still be smart, and are ideal for travelling on planes. Be cool and sophisticated on tours and expeditions with a sporty pair of joggers and your favourite sneakers. Also, a tip that needs to be articulated! Make sure you get yourself a set of good quality mens underwear online. They’ll make your journey much more comfortable!

4. A hat

A baseball cap is always a cool choice when travelling. As well as serving a very obvious fashion function, hats are also a good way to deter the ill-effects of the sun. Heat-stroke can be devastating for holidaymakers, causing fevers, migraines and dehydration and often landing unsuspecting tourists in hospital.

5. Sandals

Sandals might be the most fashion savvy footwear, but they’re essential when abroad. Wear them around the pool or on the beach to let your feet breathe in the hot sun. Buying sandals with a supportive sole means you can also wear them when you’re out and about without having to worry about your feet hurting.

6. Sunglasses

Every tourist needs a trendy pair of sunglasses to complete that typical, standard holiday-maker look. Nowadays, sunglasses are designed to offer protection against harmful UV sun rays, and leave your retinas free from the risk of sun damage. Take advantage of the duty free and invest in a pair of killer designer sunglasses – or go for something a little bit cheaper and shop online before you go. There are plenty of pairs of quality sunglasses available without the designer price-tag, meaning their disappearance will be a little easier to stomach when they undoubtedly get lost on your travels!

7. Cheap accessories

That designer watch you have? Leave it at home. As with sunglasses, it’s highly likely that you will lose your accessories during your travels, either during an excursion or as a result of being too hot and taking them off. Buying an inexpensive watch before you fly and leaving your sentimental accessories at home will save you the worry of losing valuable items – and also make you less of a target when walking out and about.

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