Break Away to the City


City breaks are made for quick getaways. From culture, shopping, a few nights getaway, or simply to enjoy a different destination setting to your own, there are many fantastic and vibrant cities right on our doorstep. We’re very lucky in where we’re placed, as just a couple of hours on a plane can take us to such bustling metropolises as Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Monte Carlo, Istanbul, Athens, Prague, Dubrovnik, Oslo and Lisbon. The list is endless, and it all depends on what you want to see whilst you’re there, but thanks to the joy of low-cost airlines, we can now travel to these varied destinations for next to nothing.

Short breaks are snappy and quick, so it’s important to make sure all travel plans go off without a hitch, and to save money wherever possible. A great way to do both those things, whilst eradicating travel stress is by pre-booking holiday extras, designed to make travel enjoyable and easy, without the bleary-eyed bad tempers. I regularly book Luton Airport parking, finding the convenience and flexibility of getting myself to and from the airport easily surpasses having to rely on public transport and taxis. It doesn’t hurt that it’s much cheaper than trains, coaches and taxis either!

Wherever you fly from, be it from a large airport in the capital, to more regional airports, you’ll find a service to suit, such as the facilities available for Stansted parking. Your vehicle is safe and looked after whilst you’re away, ready for collection when you return. What could be easier?

There are many budget hotels available in European cities, with large chains offering great rates, especially when booked online.

It’s a good idea to do a little research into your city before you go, as public transport systems in large, busy cities can be a little confusing if you have no idea where you’re heading. When I went to Istanbul for a long weekend, I was glad of the planning, as the metro system confused the life out of me at first! Luckily once I got the hang of it, I was able to see everything I wanted to, and the experience was something I would love to repeat.


Barcelona is a very popular choice of city break destination these days, and there are some very cheap flights heading in that direction. For the sake of a couple of hours on a plane, it’s just as simple, if not easier, than getting in the car to London for the weekend, and all without the traffic congestion!

If you’re getting a little tired and ready for a break, but it’s not the time of year for a beach holiday without heading too far afield, a city break is the perfect solution.

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