Three Travelling Jobs That Don’t See Much of the World


When you think about jobs that get you out into the world as a regular part of their job description, the most common reaction by others is ‘it must be so incredible to have a job like that!’ Most of us are stuck in one place to do our jobs, either because the building is the only place your work can be completed or you lack the most basic personal finance skills and budget to be jet setting out all over the planet. We look at those jobs that break the shackles of employment oppression with a lens of envy and make no qualms about how we wish we were as fortunate as those who get to do it every day.

The problem of course is that anything that is normal for you, regardless of how exciting it may appear to outsiders, can have its share of tedious moments and not be as glamourous as it is popularly perceived. The thrill you feel when you set foot on a plane or the anticipation you have for arriving at your accommodation can be quickly replaced with boredom and a longing for something more stable if it becomes typical rather than special. And then there’s the reality of certain jobs, which on their surface may appear to allow for certain opportunities but in reality they are anything but.

Jobs that involve a lot of travel can become as tedious as any other job and the reason you first signed up for it, your love of travel, can ironically not be what you had in mind. Sure, there can still be an appeal to them – they aren’t terrible jobs! – but the things we love about travel may not be a part of these jobs. Take a look!

Travel Agent

Arranging travel for other people can be great to a certain degree but after a while it just feels like you’re always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Well, you do get to travel quite a bit as a travel agent but when it’s on the company’s dime it’s usually a pretty quick trip and then the itinerary is incredibly tight. There is nothing preventing you from taking trips yourself but some of the fun may be sucked right out of it by planning so many holidays for others on a daily basis.

flight-attendantsFlight Attendant 

The ultimate job that really does take you everywhere can ultimately lead you nowhere, particularly depending on the airline you’re with and the frequency of your flights. A company that has trans Atlantic or Pacific flights likely provides for opportunities to explore, but since a lot of airports are in the middle of no where and you have to fly back a few days later, it doesn’t exactly allow for a lot of sightseeing. Similarly, flying all the time is your work – so when you aren’t working, you may just want to sleep and not think about going anywhere, especially if you’ve been there many times before.

Business Person

Travel is a part of many business people who have to attend meetings or have clients all over the world, but quite often all the time is spent on business with little time for pleasure. Companies aren’t always located right in the touristy districts so you’d really have to go out of your way to see them, and that’s only if time allows for it.


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