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Geek Stops in Vegas


SFrances_091129_2305When we talk about Vegas what immediately comes to mind is gambling, mainly because it is home to a lot of casinos and gaming establishments. They say that when you’re in Sin City time flies by so fast because you’re having fun—you may be standing in front of a slot machine for hours and it’ll feel like mere minutes. The next thing you know, the sun is already up, but you won’t mind so much since you had the time of your life with your casino games anyway. Vegas is also the destination for eloping couples who get married in an Elvis Chapel, then make their way to the hotel for a honeymoon—a dip in the pool, some relaxation at the spa, fine dining and a Cirque du Soleil performance will be a nice way to cap off the evening. We know what you’re thinking—how do geeks get in the picture? We’ve mentioned the gamers and the lovers, so what about the geeks? Do they belong?

Oh yes, they do. We’ve done a little research, and we’ve come up with the following places for geeks to visit in Vegas:

Atomic Testing Museum
Address: 755 E Flamingo Road, Las Vegas
Phone: (702) 794 5161


Your mind will be blown with the amazing exhibits offered by the Nevada Testing Site and how it affects the whole country. This place is designed to be interactive, with high tech motion sensitive plasma TV presentations as well as touch screens and audio interviews with the test site’s previous workers. Artifacts from the World Trade Centers, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and the Smithsonian Institution are also featured.

The Aquarium
Address: 3333 Blue Diamond Road Las Vegas
Phone: (702) 263 7777

You’ll be amazed at the bikini bottom version of this establishment, with 117,000 gallons of saltwater where 4,200 fish, eels, stingrays and sharks swim to their heart’s content. Marine biologists feed these animals whilst interacting with the audience using a communication mask. The LED-lighted jellyfish aquariums which are located in the Mermaid Lounge are crowd favorites.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum
Address: 900 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas
Phone: (702) 384 3466

Rare animals are showcased in this place, which has an Animal Planet feel. You’ll be awed with pieces such as a shark’s jawbone or a wooly mammoth’s tooth. Extinct animals are realistically reproduced. The most awesome part is the baby shark feeding, which happens every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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