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Cruise holidays have always been the epitome of a luxurious vacation in many travellers’ eyes. And there are good reasons behind it. The kind of comfort, convenience and luxury one can experience while enjoying a cruise vacation truly cannot be compared with anything else. You won’t have to worry about anything when you book a cruise vacation. You just need to book your cruise tickets and voila. Your travel itinerary, accommodation, food, transport, sightseeing – everything will be taken care of by the cruise liner. You’ll be able to spend your days, carefree, enjoying the various luxuries available on your cruise ship. However, all these luxuries do come at a hefty price, and that’s why not everybody can afford a cruise trip. But if you are smart, you can easily find a good deal on a cruise holiday. Here are five great tips to get the best cruise deals ever.

1. Book your ticket during the wave season

Most of the cruise lines offer some great deals during the months of January to March, which is known as the wave season. However, in recent times, there are a lot of year-round deals which you can find. This started a debate if the wave season is still the best time to book cruise ticket, and long story short, the answer is yes. It is still one of the best periods of time when you can book your cruise tickets, and you will surely find a hell lot of more options for your cruise vacation during the wave season.

2. Be flexible

The most important thing which you must remember in order to save the most for your cruise vacation is you have to be as flexible as you can about your vacation. If you are ready to leave at once, if you are willing to change the place you travel to depending upon availability, if you are flexible about the dates, if you are okay with getting an interior cabin instead of one with a balcony, you can be sure to find the cheapest prices for your cruise.

3. Book at the last moment

If you wait until the last moment to get your cruise tickets done, you can be sure to grab some awesome last minute cruise deals. Travellers who save the most on the prices of their cruise tickets book their ticket about 60 to 90 days prior to the cruise date to grab the most lucrative deals.

4. Don’t travel during the peak season

The prices of the cruise lines are highest during the peak season. You won’t be able to find any good deals if you fix your dates of travelling during these times. If you travel during the shoulder or the offseason instead, you are much more likely to find some of the best deals on your desired cruise vacations.

5. Go through the fine print

If you think you got a great deal on a cruise ticket, remember to go through all the terms and conditions carefully. Check what is included in the price and what is not. If you are buying a last minute cruise deal, check if it is for a guaranteed cabin, because in that case, you won’t be able to choose a cabin number or location. Also, remember to check airfare to determine you’ve truly found a good deal or not.

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