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Gaming on the Road: The Top 5 Online Gaming Destinations

What do you do to kill time on the road? Some people sleep, others read books, but – thanks to the rise of the smartphone – there are many people that like to play games. But you often don’t want to take valuable space from the photos that you plan to take once you arrive – or simply don’t feel like downloading yet another game. For these players, here are the best web-based online gaming destinations that will satisfy all their gaming needs.

04 - geekytraveller.com_1All Slots

If your preferred games are slot machines, then is the place for you to be. The All Slots Casino has over 100 games you can play on the go, without the need to download and install anything on your phone. All you need to do is to navigate to the All Slots Casino website, register an account, and give it a go.

You can play your favorite games free of charge, or if you feel more adventurous, you may give real money play a try, too. The All Slots Casino has amazing promotional offers and some of the best bonuses for you to redeem.


Play2Win is a great destination for the casual gamer. It offers a great selection of HTML5 browser games, covering every genre from action to puzzle and sports. Players can play individually, or participate in tournaments against other players, and win rewards in the process.


Gazuma is an online gaming destination similar to the one above, with a similar selection of games. But it’s a bit less restrictive with its players – while at Play2Win you have to register an account, at Gazuma you can simply play as a guest. With none of your progress saved, of course.


A great place to be for MMO fans. MMOGames has a selection of the best browser-based massively multiplayer titles you can think of. Its game library includes titles like Felspire, Imperia Online, Mafia Battle, or even The Great Pirate. But its game library is not restricted to MMO games – it offers its players several other types of games to play, from puzzles to sports. A great time killer, especially if the road is long and boring.


Famobi offers its players perhaps the best selection of time-killers for the road. Its games are all based on HTML5, and it offers perhaps the quickest way to start playing: tap and go. Its collection of over 300 titles includes everything from word games to puzzles, racing games, action titles, and many more. All of its games work great not just on mobile devices, but desktops as well – for when you want to continue playing on arrival.

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