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7 Amazing things to do in Thailand

Whether you’re looking for Islands, nightlife or cultural experiences, those best things to do in Thailand have you covered.

Thailand is one of the most popular backpacker destinations in the world. This special place has that sense of energy which is often searched by the travellers. It’s filled with stunning ISlands, hectic cities, mouth-watering food and extraordinary nightlife. People love visiting Thailand for different reasons.

As, Thailand has everything right from the beaches to floating markets, castles to hectic cities and more.

Thailand is often referred to as the most vibrant south-east Asian nation mainly because of its nightlife. Travellers usually love to visit quite often because they get amazed by it.

If you are a first time visitor to Thailand? Then you’ll be striving to find out the best things to do in Thailand. If yes, then this post will help you out. I’ll be sharing all the information which you need to explore Thailand. Along with that, I’ll give you a little overview of the exciting things to do in Thailand as well.

Let’s get into the list of best things to do in Thailand.

Amazing Islands and Beaches:

Thailand has some exotic islands and beaches that can attract anyone in the world. It’s having 5,000 miles of coastline, waiting to be explored by the travellers.

If you’re wondering about the best things to do in Thailand, then definitely you shouldn’t miss out on watching the beauty of these islands and beaches. You should explore the Islands in long-tail boats and cover as many locations as you can.

Start by exploring Phang Nga Bay and the limestone rocks off Thailand’s west coast. It’s one of the best attractions in Thailand you shouldn’t miss out on. Along with that, you can find different islands for all types of needs.

If you’re trying to have a party, then you can explore party islands, dive islands and many more. As there are thousands of Islands waiting for you to explore, you can find Islands for all your needs.

Most of the Islands are filled with thousands of fabulous resorts, yoga retreats, waterfalls, and so on. So, there is everything you can do in these islands. With over thousands of Islands, you shouldn’t miss exploring Ko Lipe, Ko Samet, Ko Phangan, Ko Lanta, Ko Jam, Ko Maak, Ko Phi Phi Lee, and Ko Phi Phi Don.

The calm white sand sea and clear conditions make this place perfect for water activities such as Kayaking. You can explore these places on tourist boats, or ferries depending on your budget.

Experiencing Bangkok’s:

Bangkok – the capital city of Thailand is one of the best and craziest city that moves at a lightning-fast pace. It’s filled with large crowds, heat, pollution, and has loud noise. But, with all these aspects you can sense the energy of life in Bangkok.

It’s a place where you can enjoy a lot. This city has everything you need and can attract any tourist to return back. The food over here is simply super as you can get anything to eat. Apart from that, you can find high-end restaurants, can have fun at pubs and parties as well.

The nightlife in Bangkok is amazing with parties, music and so on. It’s never too late in this city as you’ll find everything you need all night. So, experience Bangkok is one of the best things to do in Thailand

Exploring Epic tropical jungles:

Thailand has excellent tropical jungles with incredible views, hill tribes, stunning landscapes and more. If you’re striving to explore Thailand, then you have to explore tropical forests as it is the best things to do in Thailand.

Go for trekking in northern Thailand, as it offers wildlife trekking. You can have a look at the tropical jungles that are filled with wildlife. Meet Thailand tribes in the wilderness, and you can do much more.

The best trekking camps can be found near Chiang Rai, and Khao Yai Park is famous for limestone and caves trekking.

Visit the Grand Palace:

If there is one place you want to see in Bangkok, then its Grand Place. Your tour will be incomplete if you dont visit the Grand Palace. It is a dazzling place located in the heart of Bangkok.

This is probably the most famous location in Bangkok. For over 150 years, this palace was the home to the king and entire government of Thailand. It is called royal mint, and it was built in an area of 218,400 sq meters. You can explore 1782 Huge walls and other attractions in this place.

Enjoy Elephant Experience by Volunteering:

Eager to experience the best things in Thailand, then you shouldn’t miss out volunteering elephants. Elephants are considered as highly revered animals in Thailand and it’s the national symbol as well.

You can visit plenty of good elephant experience out there in Elephant Nature Park Rehabilitation centre. This centre rescues elephants and your visit can help their cause as well. If you want to experience luxury accommodation with elephant watching means you can go for elephant hills. Here you can interact with animals and stay at comfortable tented camps.

Visit Ancient historical places:

Thailand has massive archaeological sites to explore such as Sukothai, Ayutthaya, Lopburi and more. These are Thailands historical places which tell history. All the locations are Thailand’s capitals during Burmese, Khmer and other local Thai kingdoms ruled Thailand.

These cities are perfect to hop, skip, jump all your way to Chaing Mai and several other rural countrysides.

Experience World-Class Diving Spots:

Thailand has some of the best dive sites in the world. So, backpackers who love to do water sporting activities can do their stunts in Phuket and other Islands. Here you can do Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Kayaking and more.

Compared to the other Islands, it’s one of the cheapest places in the world to learn diving. The best places to experience diving in Phuket Koh Tao, Surin Islands, and The Similan Islands. These spots have wonderful coral reefs and these are better preserved as well. So, you can try this best thing in Thailand. This is definitely the best things to do in Thailand.

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