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Three Things You Must Try When in Ibiza


Thousands of us Brits head to the white isles of Ibiza each summer to relax on its sun kissed shores, immerse ourselves in the local culture or head to the party scene for a night on the town. So whether you’re heading to Ibiza for a break with a group of friends or a romantic getaway, here are three things you must try while there.

A Visit to the Old Town

As with most Spanish towns, when visiting it’s essential to take a trip to their old town. While the new town may be full of bars bustling with tourists and holiday reps tempting you to take a trip on a jet ski, the old town of Ibiza will give you the much needed snapshot of local culture that is a must for any trip abroad. Here you will find the locals living their everyday lives, along with many small restaurants wanting to cater you with the best Paella and Tapas in town. It will take a bit of a climb to get up to the old town, but once there you will be entertained by stunning views and quirky little back streets. It’s a must visit during your time in Ibiza.

The Food

Spain is well known for its incredible food, and while many Brits choose to load up in the hotel’s buffet at meal times, we suggest that you must try the food while on this beautiful white isle. It doesn’t have to be a full meal; Spain is just as good as Italy when it comes to flavours of gelato. So on a hot day, head to your local gelato store and treat yourself to a little tub of heaven. Forget about the diet, you’re on holiday! If you’re heading out on a boat trip for the day and want a little Spanish cuisine during your ride, order yourself an Ibiza picnic box for the journey. The gourmet food will blow you away and no British cuisine will live up to its deliciousness on your return home.

A Night on Ibiza’s Party Strip

Ibiza is popular with younger Brits looking for a holiday packed with nights out and lazy days on the beach. The party strip on this isle is known as one of the best in Spain, so whether you’re a party animal or not, a night out here is something you must try while in Ibiza. Follow this guide to the best clubs for your taste in music and drinks. If you’d prefer something a little different, take a trip on a party boat to make your holiday extra special.

Spain has always been popular with UK nationals, being a short flight from home and somewhere where you can guarantee great weather, food and drink. Ibiza is a fantastic place to visit, with so much to offer during your trip. Its diversity attracts a wide range of people to its shores each year, so you’ll be sure to fit in.

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