Great things to do in Geneva

Whether you enjoy basking in the refreshing air coming off of Lake Geneva, going skiing in the French Alps, or the cosmopolitan allure of the city Geneva has plenty of options for things to do. Filled with history and culture, people that come to this city always enjoy the restaurants and various sites to visit. A few things to do in Geneva include:

St- Pierre Cathedral

Invented than reinvented again and again St Pierre Cathedral is often described as a combination of Roman, Gothic and Neoclassic architecture and decoration. A church with much history, the Cathedral was in the center of the Geneva religious reformation when John Calvin made is the vessel for the Protestant Reformation. Still a central part of the Old Town of Geneva visitors still flock to it. The interior is lined with a 4th century mosaics, a 12th century column and 15th century frescoes any of which on its own is treat for art lovers. Be sure to visit the Chapel of the Maccabees which is filled with lavish and beautiful 18th century decoration. For a couple of Swiss Francs you can also climb the north tower for a great view over the city or head under the cathedral to visit the current archaeological dig site. St Pierre’s Cathedral is open each day of the week.

geneva-amsterdam-paris-2012-palais-des-nations-geneva-1-700x700Palais des Nations

The Palais des Nations previously housed the now defunct League of Nations. Still an impressive building this massive complex is the home to the United Nations European office and is the world’s largest center of multicultural diplomacy. Guided tours are offered on the grounds between 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday in the winter months and seven days a week in the summer. Admission costs around $10 US dollars. In order to get into the Palais des Nations you will need to show proper identification.

Patek Philippe Museum

Switzerland is a well known location for watch-making and enameling. A fantastic collection of different time pieces throughout the ages can be founded at the Patek Philippe Museum. The museum has two permanent exhibits: the antique collection that has watches dating back to the 16th century and the Patek Phillippe collection which high lights watches made by the Patek Philippe Company – – one of the world’s preeminent watch making companies. The museum is open from 10 am to 6 p.m with admission costing around $9 US dollars.

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