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Get Footloose and Fancy Free in the British Style

London HotelsThe British lifestyle has been one of the fascinating cultures even since the dawn of the era. With its eye riveting royal architectural edifices and heritage buildings, London has reached its echelon of glory long ago. However, these preserved heritage buildings are the major source of tourist attractions and in turn, earn a lot of foreign revenues for the British nation. So, whether you’ve got a traveler’s feet or on a romantic honeymoon getaway, make preparations to visit London – the very heart of British nation and indulge yourself in the royal lifestyle and live life in Queen’s size.

Perfect Hotels to check-in

Of course, visiting to a foreign land can be always elusive, since you’ve no idea about the local community existing there. Sometimes, the situation can get tantalizing as often travelers go in a frenzied quest of hotels as soon as they land on British soil, and at times, may not get fruitful results. However, several hotels like Park Grand London Lancaster Gate, which is located to the closest proximity to the Kensington Gardens, have provided the digital booking facility allowing foreigners to avail their services.

Spoil yourself into these luxurious, spacious 4-star hotels, which are crafted with meticulous efforts of the architects, and are well equipped with the modern state of the art facilities. Starting from high-speed Broadband internet over Wi-Fi, telephone with voice mail facilities that allows you to remain digitally connected with the rest of the global world. Apart from that, there are fine en-suite bathrooms presented with aromatic candles, shampoos and other toiletries that are promised to wash away your weariness after a long day of sightseeing.

The restaurants are situated adjacent to the living spaces, and they serve multi-cuisines that range from English meals to continental dishes to cater the tastes of their lodgers. The beverage bars serves refreshing alcoholic drinks to suit your mood. And above all, everything comes at an affordable value of money!

Roam around the city:

Got your travelers boots on for sightseeing? Well, you should avail the finest tube network that serpentine the entire city for roaming around. The nearest tube station is Lancaster Gate Tube Station that provides you the accessibility throughout the entire city. There are several English pubs located at the proximity to Lancaster Gate to provide you evening refreshments. The unique ambience and fine hospitality is enough keep you enlivened and recharged for the next day.

Apart from that, there are movie halls like Whiteleys and Lounge movie theaters, situated at a yardstick away from Tube Station. With its charming interior, they’re renowned to host various classical movies that will surely keep you entertained!

Hyde Park is also located at the nearest proximity of Lancaster Gate Tube Station. The spacious greenery is excellent if you’re planning to relax, and there are some celebrations or sports events happening that will surely keep you entertained.

Other tourist attractions to visit:

Avail the Tube service and don’t miss the exciting chance to visit the royal heritage buildings such as Buckingham Palace, The Shard, Big Ben, London Eye, British Museum, National History Museum, Royal Observatory and other such fascinating tourist spots that are bound to make your visit to this Royal city worth memorable.

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