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Explore The Cheapest Beach In Batangas Today

Located south of Manila in the Philippines, Batangas is surreal. You will find some of the best beaches and diving spots in Batangas. If you are looking for the cheapest beach in Batangas, look no further. Apart from beaches, there are quite a few attractions in and around the place. They are volcanoes, lakes, churches, and pilgrimage centers. However, only one thing primarily comes to mind – beaches. There are various types of beaches in Batangas. A word of caution here. If you are looking for white, powdery sandy beaches, don’t go there. You will be disappointed.

There are various types of beaches there. There are ones full of pebbles, sandy ones, and rocky ones as well. At the southwest tip of Luzon, Batangas beaches have their markets. So, if you happen to go there, shop. There are thirteen beaches in Batangas. Let us find the cheapest one for you.

The Cheapest Beach In Batangas Decoded

Laiya – San Juan

One of the reasonably priced beaches, you should visit Laiya. It is a beautiful seaside community. Look for affordable beach resorts in Laiya Batangas. It is near Manila and favored by most. Enjoy a day at the beach, and engage in fun-filled activities. The beach boasts of an impressive shoreline.

Moreover, there are many resorts at low rates. You will never have a problem while choosing a resort. You can have fun in about 460 Philippine Pesos at Laiya. There are many beach resorts in Batangas.

Cheapest Beach In BatangasAnilao

It is one popular diving destination in Manila. Moreover, visitors can enjoy a gamut of activities and water sports at the scenic beach resort. You can do snorkeling, and diving. Also, you can have fun in island-hoping.

Moreover, it is one of the top budget-friendly beach in Batangas. You can have a great time with your friends and family within 1000 Philippine Pesos. Traveling from Manila to Batangas is easy. Avail a bus and reach in 2-3 hours.

Verde Island

You can also head to Isla Verde or Verde Islands. It is located in Batangas. Located between Luzon and Mindoro, it is the primary center for marine biodiversity. The pristine clear waters hide a wide range of animal life underneath. If you are looking for a secluded vacation, heat to Isla Verde. You can reach Isla Verde in 2-3 hours from Manila. Enjoy your stay at one of the beautiful budget-friendly beach in Batangas.

Burot Beach in Calatagan

Suppose you are a romantic couple looking for seclusion, the head here. The beach boasts of beautiful rock formations. Moreover, palm trees are lining the beach on one side. The azure waters form the other part of the shoreline. It has a rugged charm of its own.

Locals love to visit the place on weekends. It is just 3.5 hours from Manila. Most of the resorts have affordable swimming pools in Batangas city.

There are so many beaches near Batangas, that you will be spoilt. So, shortlist a few and spend a few nights. The cheapest beach resort in Batangas awaits your visit. There is another affordable beach in Lobo Batangas. You can try it out as well.

Cheapest Beach In BatangasFAQ – Cheapest Beach In Batangas

How much is the entrance fee in Laiya Batangas?

Some places on the island have no entrance fee. Laiya is one of the most developed beaches in Batangas. Depending on where you choose to stay, it can cost you 100-150 Philippine Pesos. Cottages cost above 300-2500 Pesos.

Where can I go overnight in Batangas?

You can stay at quite a few places like Laiya, Anilao, Lipa, and Laurel. Barangay in San Juan is quite popular with tourists. It overlooks the sea. Located in the town of Mabini, Anilao staycations are perfect for a night stay. You can also find some B&Bs. If you enjoy the natural falls and greenery, head to Laurel. Stay there at one of the small hotels for the night. If you are fond of shopping, head to Lipa. There, you will find some big establishments and malls. You will find a few cheap beach resort in Nasugbu Batangas.

Where can I relax in Batangas?

You can relax at any of the cheap beach resorts in Batangas. It is a beautiful getaway away from city life. Explore the colonial structures or laze around. Vivere Azure, The Farm, and Crystal Blue Resort are at a short distance.

Where can I swim in Batangas?

You can swim at Laiya beach. It is amongst the most developed beaches. Moreover, it boasts of a host of facilities. You can hike up to the coastal mountains of San Juan, Batangas. Then head for a swim. Nasugbu has a few beaches, that are great for a swim.


With so many choices, get to Batangas today. You can spend a day in less than 1000 Philippine Pesos. Have a great holiday in Batangas. Do not miss out on this heavenly place by the coast.

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