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5 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Corfu

If you are considering planning a trip to Greece and are wondering which island to visit, you should definitely check out the majestic island of Corfu. There are infinite reasons to plan a trip to Corfu and the ever-pleasant climate, natural attractions and beaches are just a few of them. Book a Corfu holiday and have a memorable time in the Emerald queen of the Greek Islands. Here are our top 5 reasons to visit Corfu this year:

1. The charm of the Old Town

Not many are aware of the fact that The Old Town of Corfu is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s significance goes way back to the 8th century BC and the Byzantine period. The architecture is influenced by many cultures including the French, British and Venetians, which has resulted in the magnificence of this neoclassical town today. The town is known for two of the most popular fortresses here, The Old Fortress and The New Fortress. When you are tired from all the sightseeing, head to the small cafe to relax and take in the surrounding sights.

2. The old Venetian villages

If you want to explore what is quintessentially Corfu and has always been, you should take out time to explore the old Venetian Villages which have over the years inspired poets and artists to create mesmerising art. These villages are scattered around this paradisiacal island and are over 100 in total varying from each other in entirety.

3. Splendid beaches

If you saw a postcard-perfect picture of Corfu’s beaches, you will cancel all preliminary plans and ideas in your head and book tickets to this fairyland! Most of all, Nissaki beach boasts of a shore that has both soft sand and splendid rock formations, that are washed by the most beautiful emerald-turquoise waters. On the contrary, Mirtiotissa is a sandy beach which is neighbored by lush green cliffs!

4. Wonderful museums

If you are a history lover, you would fall in love with the island of Corfu at first sights! It houses some of the most interesting museums in Greece such as The Museum of Asian Art which has an interesting display of some of the most valuable artefacts in the world today and more than 10,000 such pieces. They have been collected from China, Japan, India, Tibet, Nepal, Korea and Thailand. There is also the Archaeological Museum which is an intriguing visit and adds to the many reasons for visiting Corfu!

5. Cuisine

One of the most important factors that determine one’s interest to head to any destination is the local cuisine and Corfu wins our hearts with its food, and how! The food, much like the architecture draws inspiration from the vibrant culture and is an eclectic mix of Greek and Venetian flavours. Some of the most popular dishes here include Sofrito (sliced veal cooked with vinegar, garlic and parsley); Bourdeto (peppery fish stew); Bianco, (garlicky fish stew) and more!

Overthinking is never a good thing, and especially when it comes to narrowing down on your travel destinations! Without further ado, book your tickets to Corfu and prepare yourself for what will prove to be a memorable vacation!

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