10 Celebrity Holiday Homes YOU can stay in

Think of all those paparazzi snaps you see of celebrities holidaying around the world in the lap of luxury. Enjoying experiences you think you could only dream of and staying in accommodation that seems so far outside the normal holiday budget that you’d think you’d need a mortgage to afford one.

We’ve long thought that the holiday homes celebrities buy or hire out for themselves (and a few members of staff) may be more affordable if you filled them with people. Luckily for us, the kind people over at Schofields have crunched the numbers so that we can see just how much you can get the perfect celeb inspired holiday for at a fraction of the price you’d imagine.

Looking at maximum occupancy rates along with maximum rental prices for a week in this infographic, you can see just how affordable a vacation where you’re living the high life like a celebrity can be. It focuses on some real celeb holiday homes, as in ones that have been or still are owned by stars around the world, such as the Ohana Pacific Yacht, once chartered by One Direction, from only £144 per person per week when sleeping 6 people, or perhaps Mick Jagger’s Stargroves home in Mustique takes your fancy a bit more – a little more pricey at £1244 per person per week, but you’ll enjoy the Japanese style interiors and exteriors of this beachfront holiday home along with a tennis court, large outdoor pool and hot tub and 6 pavilions for your 10 guests.

Take a look at the other celebrity holidays homes available for the everyday person to stay at:

Holiday like a star

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